Screening Facilities Perth Airport

Citadel Medical were among the first to provide a crisis response service as the COVID-19 pandemic spread towards Australia in early 2020. Our team of medical specialists have been able to offer innovative medical solutions alongside the world’s growing understanding of the virus. This expertise allowed us to implement COVID-19 screening services for some of Western Australia’s largest mining and resources companies.

Our role on-site

Our team were responsible for sourcing the infrastructure, equipment, consumables and staff necessary to provide screening services vital to the continuity of fly-in-fly-out operations. Located at different airlines and various office locations, our facilities offer a convenient option to keep workplaces safe and healthy. After the initial setup, the team of medical specialists worked alongside our partners to provide clinical governance and management.

The Citadel Medical impact

Over the past few years, we have set the benchmark in the occupational health response to this crisis, preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping mine sites safe. Today, we continue to be one of the leading providers of rapid screening services in WA, testing close to 20,000 passengers each week. This experience conducting high volume point of care tests gives us a unique insight into the impact of the pandemic and allows us to pursue new innovative technology to improve the screening process and find new ways to keep our workforce safe in the future.

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