On-Site Health

On-Site Health and Emergency Support

Experienced health professionals, along with gold-standard equipment and facilities in the most remote locations

Regardless of how isolated your worksite is, your team deserves high-quality medical care. The team at Citadel Medical understand firsthand the importance of how crucial this is to their wellbeing. Our partners all over Australia work in the resources industry, operating in isolated high-risk environments. We provide on-site health and emergency support services that improve patient outcomes through a consistently high standard of support and proactive healthcare.

Our team is a part of yours

All Citadel Medical team members have an ‘open-door’ policy, with the clinic available to employees whenever they need support. Our staff spend time with on-site team members to develop relationships, giving them the confidence to access the services they need. This framework helps create a culture where everyone understands the benefits of early identification and proactively treats health issues and concerns. Our ethos of care and compassion leads to healthier on-site communities and reduced risks to your business. We also play a vital role in the strategic management of your workplace wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

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Remote Clinics

Citadel Medical’s on-site health hubs are central resources for employees in remote locations. As the primary health resource for fly-in-fly-out employees, a high level of care is given to workers who require treatment and management of illness or injuries while away from home.

We provide gold-standard equipment and facilities that lead the industry, improving outcomes and adding value to your employees' lives and your business productivity. We also have access to medical and allied health professionals nationwide and can liaise with the appropriate services for patients when they return home. We firmly believe their work schedule should never impact the standard of care they receive.

Support Services



Through telehealth services, we can ensure distance won’t prevent you from accessing quality healthcare.

Drug Alcohol test

Drug and Alcohol

Testing and screening for peace of mind that your workplace is safely following industry standards.


On-Site Medical Personnel

Experienced and highly skilled healthcare professionals are crucial to the wellbeing of remote workers.


Vehicles and Equipment

Gold-standard vehicles and equipment that are well maintained and ready to go when needed.

Heat Hydration

Hydration and Heat Management

Keep your team safe when working in the most extreme conditions with physical testing and training programs.

Health screening

Executive Health Screening

Comprehensive executive and employee health examinations to enhance your team’s wellbeing.

Emergency Response Services_

Emergency Response Services

If an emergency does occur on-site, you want to be confident that your isolated location doesn’t impact the response or quality of care. What sets our emergency service response team apart is our insight into the unique challenges faced by the resources industry working in remote locations. We’ll partner with you to ensure that you have everything in place to respond to a variety of urgent situations in a timely and efficient manner.



In the Australian landscape, it’s crucial everyone is prepared for and can respond quickly to emergency fire situations.

injury response_

Injury Response

Get back to work and life efficiently with high-quality end-to-end care and management.



You can rely on us to have your back and look after your whole team in the event of a worksite incident.

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