Citadel Medical

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Our industry-leading approach_

Our industry-leading approach

Striving to transform occupational healthcare services.
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End-to-end medical care

A range of high-quality, integrated and holistic services.
Best practice medical care without compromise

Best practice medical care without compromise

Citadel Medical is founded on the belief that remote worksites should have access to high quality end-to-end medical care. Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of on-site workers by providing expert medical services and holistic care solutions.

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Why choose Citadel Medical


Innovation and technology

We’re constantly looking for new ways to provide the highest-quality medical care.


Best practice medical care

We'll make sure you receive high-quality support no matter what happens to you or where you are.


Exceptional service

We ensure exceptional service delivery by understanding your needs and creating bespoke solutions.


Proactive health support

We don’t wait until there’s an issue to support your wellbeing and advocate for your needs.

Who we work with

Partner with us to build a healthier, happier and safer workplace

Get in touch to find out more about our services. We’ll get to know your organisational needs and help to provide a tailored solution.