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The Citadel Medical team

Quality medical care can’t exist without the people who provide it. At Citadel Medical, we’re supported by an experienced, highly trained and well-respected team. We firmly believe that all clinical staff should be skilled in their area of expertise with a warm and compassionate approach. To provide the best medical care, they maintain a visual presence on-site, build rapport with employees, and actively participate in safety programs.

Fin English

Fin English

CEO & Founder

Through his 15 years of experience in supervisory, clinical and emergency management positions, Fin gained a deep understanding of the healthcare needs of remote workers.

Drawing upon this extensive clinical knowledge and experience, Fin founded Citadel Medical to provide these employees with the highest level of care.
Over the past three years, he has operated and delivered medical services to resources and construction companies, including Rio Tinto.

Fin offers a professional, holistic and compassionate level of service that exceeds employee and client expectations. He is passionate about using technologically advanced solutions and integrating innovative ideas to ensure continuous professional improvement for everyone involved.

You’ll find Fin often accompanied by his trusty companion, Dave the dachshund, who is also a valued member of the Citadel Medical team!

Josh Hay

Josh Hay

General Manager

Josh began his career in the ADF as a medic and has since gained extensive experience in remote medical operations, including aero-medical evacuation and search and rescue.

With a career spanning over 17 years, including almost a decade in the resource sector, Josh brings a unique management perspective to Citadel Medical. This guidance is informed by his intimate knowledge of the mining and oil-and-gas industry's specific challenges and requirements.

Josh is driven by his passion to make a difference in the medical industry. He is constantly searching for new ways to contribute to innovation in occupational medicine.

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