Crisis Response

Whether it’s a global pandemic or an on-site emergency, we’ve got your back

As the world has changed over the past few years, Citadel Medical has worked closely with our industry-leading partners to understand their specific crisis response needs. Now more than ever, we know the importance of preparing for the future to respond with agility to these situations and minimise their impact.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of industry-leading medical specialists has been at the forefront of research and innovation, offering solutions and new technology to ensure our patients' best outcomes.

Ensure the future continuity of your business by partnering with us to develop a bespoke crisis response solution.

Pandemic Response

Pandemic Response

Whether you’re facing the impact of COVID-19 or an entirely new pandemic, we’ll work closely with you to develop solutions that ensure the future contingency of your business. Our team will help you navigate ever-changing regulations and develop policies that mitigate medical, financial and legal risk while focusing on the wellbeing of your whole team.

Interested in learning more? Find out about our pandemic response partnership with Rio Tinto.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

Bringing illness onto remote sites is a critical threat to business productivity and the local community. As one of the largest point of care testing companies in Australia, we are continuously seeking out new technologies to improve this process. From the setup of clinics to management and advisory, we’ll make sure your team is healthy and operating safely, so you can get back to work with confidence.

Discover how we’re working with mining resources companies at Perth Airport to keep COVID-19 out of remote sites.



The impact of illnesses on workplaces is an ever-present risk. We can ensure that vaccination programs are in place to mitigate this impact on your team and operations.

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