COVID-19 Program Rio Tinto

In March 2020, Citadel Medical foresaw the wide-reaching consequences that could be created by the spread of the novel coronavirus (which became known as COVID-19). Our experience working in remote sites gave us insight into the impact of spreading this disease into vulnerable communities. We began advising global mining group Rio Tinto of the possibility of the health emergency that could result and the challenges the mining and resources industry would be soon facing. 

Our role on-site

Within just 8 days, our expert team had designed, equipped and established working clinics at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of Perth Airport capable of screening more than 750 fly-in fly-out workers every hour. Similar facilities were established at Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s Operations Control Centre at Perth Airport and regional airports in Geraldton, Busselton and Albany. This high volume virus screening facility was integral to the continuity of Rio Tinto’s operations.

The Citadel Medical impact

Due to stringent testing procedures, Citadel Medical was responsible for reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission into their Western Australian mine sites, allowing Rio Tinto to continue operations with limited impact.

We continue to work on this project after more than two years of partnership. The facilities, designed initially to provide a temporary solution to an emergency situation, were improved and adapted to accommodate the ongoing need. Citadel Medical has successfully detected and reduced the spread of COVID-19 to Rio Tinto’s sites, conducting over 1 million point of care tests in this time. This project has been instrumental in limiting spread in vulnerable remote communities.

Citadel Medical is proud of the small part it could play in contributing to the COVID-19 response and the resilience of the Western Australian and Australian economies.

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